NBW – Game Scores & Stories



Tangerine Bowl VI Florida Bowl X
Augusta (GA) Ducks 30 Orlando (FL) Phantoms 30
Mass State Wolverines 6 Rutherford Co. (NC) Raiders 22

North American Bowl
Albany (NY) Metro Mallers 38
Midwest (MO) Chargers 6

Palm Bowl XI Orange Blossom Bowl IX
So. Michigan Timberwolves 25 So. Lakes (WI) Blue Devils 24
New York Rebels 24 Kings (OH) Comets 22


Orange Blossom Bowl VIII Palm Bowl X
Portsmouth (OH) Warriors 20 Columbus (OH) Fire 49
Toledo (OH) Thunder 15 DMV Elite 0

North American Bowl XI
Brooklyn (NY) Seminoles 54
Ohio Golden Knights 25

Tangerine Bowl V Florida Bowl XI
Detroit (MI) Ravens 27 Orlando (FL) Phantoms 28
Orlando (FL) Rage 6 Catawba (NC) Hornets 24


Orange Blossom Bowl VIII Palm Bowl IX
Brass City (CT) Brawlers 34 Worcester Mass Fury 48
Michigan Lightning 27 OT West Michigan Force 13

North American Bowl X
Connecticut Panthers 32
Inglewood (CA) Blackhawks 15

Tangerine Bowl IV Florida Bowl X
​Orlando (FL) Rage 13 Orlando (FL) Phantoms 17
Carolina (NC) Thundering Herd 7 Capital City (MI) Steakth 6


Tangerine Bowl III Palm Bowl VIII
Worcester Mass Fury 37 Connecticut Panters 21
Arbutus (MD) Big Red 0 Columbus (OH) Fire 20

North American Bowl IX
Brooklyn (NY) Seminoles 30
Catawba (NC) Hornets 13

Florida Bowl IX Orange Blossom Bowl VII
Orlando (FL) Phantoms 17 Capital City (MI) Stealth 22
Richmond County (NC) Golden Bears 8 Pioneer Valley (MA) Knights 12


Florida Bowl VIII Palm Bowl VII
Orlando (FL) Rage 28 Brooklyn (NY) Seminoles 38
Catawba (NC) Hornets 24 Orlando (FL) Phantoms 0

North American Bowl VIII
West Mass Warriors 20
New York Predators 7

Tangerine Bowl II Orange Blossom Bowl VI
Bay Area (FL) Pirates 34 Tri State (OH) Sharks 20
Hudson County (NJ) Bounty Hunters 27 Capital City (MI) Stealth 18


Florida Bowl VII Palm Bowl VI
Orlando (FL) Phantoms 7 Hudson Co. (NJ) Bounty Hunters 42
Lowell (MA) Nor’Easter 0 Kentucky Wolverines 0

North American Bowl VII
Inglewood (CA) Blackhawks 34
New York Predators 31

Tangerine Bowl Orange Blossom Bowl IV
Western Mass Warriors 20 Michigan Vikings 42
Detroit Diesel 0 Prince William (VA) Monarchs 12


Palm Bowl V Orange Blossom Bowl IV
Arbutus (MD) Big Red 16 Treasure Coast (FL) Bobcats 48
Lowell (MA) Nor’Easter 6 Virginia Spartans 30

North American Bowl V
New York Predators 20
New Jersey Buccaneers 0

Florida Bowl VI USA Bowl
Orlando (FL) Rage 57 DC Explosion 40
Burlington (WI) Blue Devils 13 Plattsburgh (NY) Northstars 8



Rice Bowl Palm Bowl IV
Florida Regulators 10 South Georgia Warriors 26
Florida Crusaders 9 Grand Rapids (MI) Thunder 23

North American Bowl IV
New Jersey Buccaneers 32
Lowell (MA) Nor’Easter 13

Florida Bowl V Orange Blossom Bowl IV
Orlando (FL) Rage 14 Carolina (SC) Express 7
Columbus (OH) Fire 7 Watertown (NY) Red & Black 6



Florida Bowl IV Manatee Bowl II
Lowell (MA) Nor’Easter 20 Henry Co. (GA) Horseman 9
Hardin Co. (KY) Wolverines 16 Wauwatosa (WI) Spartans 0

North American Bowl III Orange Blossom Bowl II
Albany (NY) Metro Mallers 33 Sarasota (FL) Millionaires 20
Prince William (VA) Monarchs 8 North West (PA) Giants 0

Palm Bowl III USO Benefit Bowl
Orlando (FL) Rage 21 Carolina (SC) Express 28
Georia Xtreme 20 Orlando (FL) Rage Team B 9



Florida Bowl III Palm Bowl II
Fort Pierce (FL) Fire 24 Georgia Xtreme 20
Lowell (MA) Nor’Easter 0 Orlando (FL) Rage 5

North American Bowl II
Prince William (VA) Monarchs 6
Brooklyn (NY) Mariners 0

Treasure Coast Bowl Orange Blossom Bowl
Monroe Co. (NY) Sting 24 St. Petersburg (FL) Sharks 48
Atlanta (GA) Prime 0 Ocala (FL) Peppers 6

Manatee Bowl Florida Bowl II
San Diego (CA) Thunder 19 Milwaukee (WI) Bulldogs 10
Conshohocken (PA) Steelers 16 Fort Pierce (FL) Fire 0

North American Bowl Palm Bowl
Brooklyn (NY) Mariners 27 Ocala (FL) Peppers 34
First Coast (FL) Generals 0 Georgia Gladiators 6

National Championship Florida Bowl
Brooklyn (NY) Mariners 33 Fort Pierce (FL) Fire 29
So. California Steelers 0 Greenville (GA) Knights 16

National Championship
Central NY Express 44
Detroit (MI) Seminoles 31


2016 Game Stories

Tangerine Bowl IV – NFE AA Championship

The Tangerine Bowl was an exciting game featuring two evenly matched competitive teams.

The first half had plenty of offense but only 2 TDs. Half time score Portsmouth Warriors 8 Toledo Thunder 6

The 4th quarter began with Portsmouth scoring a TD. Exactly 3 1/2 minutes later the Thunder

also scored. Then with just 51 seconds left in the game a 45 yard FG by the Thunder put them

in the lead for the first time in the game. With just 11 seconds left the Warriors responded wit a

55 yard TD pass to win the game .

Final Score Portsmouth Warriors 20 Toledo Thunder 15


Justin Lunsford QB Portsmouth Warriors

Jermaine Payton WR Portsmouth Warriors

Luke Brown RB Portsmouth Warriors

Rickey Johnson WR Toledo Thunder

D J Tucker QB Toledo Thunder

Gerry Phillips K Toledo Thunde

Palm Bowl IX – NFE AAA Championship

The Columbus Fire established the tempo of the Palm Bowl with a 64 yard TD pass play on the first

play of the game .After intercepting a DMV Elite pass on their first possession, Columbus kicked a 22

yard FG . Two more interceptions by the Fire led to 2 more TDs during the first half.

Half time score Columbus Fire 29 DMV ELITE 0

The second half continued with the Fire dominating play. They scored 3 more TDs . One by a run, one

by a pass and also a 77 yard punt return.

Final score Columbus 49 DMV Elite 0


Brandon Hanna QB Columbus Fire

Mike Tatum WR Columbus Fire

Mickale Wiggins LB Columbus Fire

Alan McPherson G Columbus Fire

Antonio McCray RB DMV Elite


North American Bowl IX – USFA AAA National Championship

The first score of the North American Bowl was a 27 yard FG by the Ohio Golden Knights. The Brooklyn

Seminoles responded by taking the following kickoff deep into the Knights territory. 4 plays later RB Ty

Brown scored the first of his 3 TDs in the first half. One of his scores came after the Knights fumbled a

kickoff with the Seminoles recovering, 3 plays later Brown ran in from the 2 yard line.

Half time score Brooklyn Seminoles 28 Ohio Golden Knights 3

In the second half each team scored 3 TDs. Brooklyn maintained a 20 point advantage thru the second half.

Final score Brooklyn Seminoles 54 Ohio Golden Knights 25


Ty Brown RB Brooklyn Seminoles

Jerol Wilson QB Brooklyn Seminoles

Jimmy Martinez LT Brooklyn Seminoles

Vinnie Cirrincione K Brooklyn Seminoles

Marquelo Suel QB Ohio Golden Knights


Orange Blossom Bowl VIII – USFA AA National Championship

The first half of the Orange Blossom Bowl featured two strong defenses continually stopping their opponents

drives. Halfway thru the second quarter the Detroit Ravens scored with a 56 yard, 7 play drive for the only score

of the first half. Half time score Detroit Ravens 8 Orlando Rage 0

In the middle of the 3rd quarter each team scored TD. With 1:35 left in the 3rd quarter the Ravens took advantage

of ashort kickoff by the Rage and scored quickly with a 46 yard TD pass. In the 4th quarter the Ravens scored

again with a 63 yard punt return for the final score.

Final score Detroit Ravens 27 Orlando Rage 6


Ed Thomas QB Detroit Ravens

Jose Morris WR Detroit Ravens

Daniel Johnson OL/DL Detroit Ravens

Thomas Shariff RB Orlando Ravens


Florida Bowl X – NFE AA Spring/Fall Championship

The Florida Bowl featured two quality, competitively matched teams. Each team scored a TD during the first quarter.

Catawba Hornets scored early in the 2nd quarter on a 63 yard pass play .The Orlando Phantoms took the kickoff

back to the Hornets 21 yard line. The Hornets held and the Phantoms kicked a 24 yard FG.

Half time score Catawba Hornets 12 Orlando Phantoms 9

The Phantoms controlled the 3rd quarter with 2 TDs. On the last play of the 3rd quarter the Hornets scored on a

67 yard TD pass making the score Orlando 21 the Hornets 18. Each team picked up another TD in the 4th quarter.

Final score Orlando Phantoms 28 Catawba Hornets 24


Torrence Brown QB Orlando Phantoms

Chris Perry WR Orlando Phantoms

Chris Berrian WR Orlando Phantoms

Curtis Edens QB Catawba Hornets

Lance Lewis WR Catawba


2015 Game Stories


This exciting game featured both teams scoring twice in the first half.

The first score of the game came after a bad punt snap by the Michigan Lightning. The Brass City (CT) Brawlers scored 4 plays later and followed with a 2 point extra point play. The Half time score was 14-14.

The send half was just as exciting with both teams scoring 2 touchdowns. The Brass City Brawlers scored with just 1:54 left in regular time and then converted a 2 point conversion to tie the score at 28-28.

With 1:07 left in overtime Brass City went 40 yards in 6 plays to score the winning touchdown.

FINAL SCORE: Brass City Brawlers – 34

Michigan Lightning – 28

Game MVP’s

Brass City (CT) BrawlersQBDave Gonder

Brass City (CT) BrawlersWRSteve Dunbar

Michigan LightningDEEdison Vushaj



The Palm Bowl featured the Worcester Mass Fury QB Corey Spencer throwing 4 touchdown passes and running for 1 more. WR Luke McCaffrey caught 2 of the touchdowns. RB Marcus Price also caught 2 touchdown passes.

West Michigan Force WR Chaz Carpenter caught a touchdown pass in each half.

FINAL SCORE:Worcester Mass Fury – 48 West Michigan Force – 13

Game MVP’s

Worcester Mass FuryRBWill Earley

Worcester Mass FuryQBCorey Spencer

Worcester Mass FuryRBBrett Ancil

West Michigan ForceLBMarcus Branstreeter



The Inglewood Blackhawks scored with only 4:24 elapsed in the first quarter of the

North American Bowl. The Connecticut Panthers responded with 2 touchdown passes and 2 field goals to lead at half time by a score of 19-7.

The Connecticut Panthers had 2 big plays in the second half. QB Rich Snowden ran 74 yards for a touchdown. In the 4th quarter, LB Tylee Flowers picked up a fumble and went 85 yards for a touchdown. Dwight Hamilton, DE for the Inglewood Blackhawks picked up a fumble and went 28 yards for a touchdown.

FINAL SCORE:Connecticut Panthers – 32

Inglewood (CA) Blackhawks – 15


Connecticut PanthersQBRich Snowden

Connecticut PanthersDLDavid Reese

Connecticut PanthersRBShante Wynn

Inglewood (CA) BlackhawksMLBJ. R. White



The first half of the Tangerine Bowl was a defensive battle with the only score coming in the closing moments of the half. Half Time score was Orlando Rage – 7 Carolina (NC) Thundering Herd – 0.

Each team scored a touchdown in the second half. The game had a very exciting ending with the Herd on the Rage 1 yard line as time expired.

FINAL SCORE:Orlando Rage – 13 Carolina (NC) Thundering Herd – 7


Orlando RageRBLevi Raines

Orlando RageWRWillie Fields

Orlando RageQBPee Jay Jack

Carolina (NC) Thundering Herd DEFrancois Semmell

Carolina (NC) Thundering HerdQBDandre Hopper



The first half of the Florida Bowl had a lot of offensive yardage. However, it was always negated by turnovers by both teams. The only score was a 37 yard field goal by Kyle Magee of the Orlando Phantoms in the 2nd quarter.

Mike Davis CB for the Phantoms intercepted a pass and went 20 yards for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. QB Josh Rose threw an 11 yard touchdown pass for a score by the Phantoms in the 4th quarter. Larry Green of the Capital City (MI) Stealth caught an 8 yard touchdown pass in the 4th quarter.

FINAL SCORE –Orlando Phantoms – 17 Capital City (MI) Stealth – 6


Orlando PhantomsRBChris Perry

Orlando PhantomsQBJosh Rose

Capital City (MI) StealthWRLeroy Green

Capital City (MI) StealthDLJimmy Porter


2014 NBW Game Stories

Tangerine Bowl – AAA East Coast Championship

The first scores of the Tangerine Bowl were in the second quarter. The Worcester Mass Fury had two TD passes. QB Corey Spencer connected twice with WR Keenan Collins. On the last play of the first half, the Fury kicked a 35 yard field goal to make the score 16-0.

The Fury had 3 more TD passes in the second half. Spencer completed two of them to WR Luke McCaffrey and one to RB Kamani Jones. Erich Perfetti converted all three PAT.

Final ScoreWorcester Mass Fury – 37Arbutus Big Red – 0

Game MVP’s

Corey SpencerQBWorcester Mass Fury

Keenan CollinsWRWorcester Mass Fury

Luke McCaffreyWRWorcester Mass Fury

Mark GrocciaCWorcester Mass Fury

Andrew NollDLArbutus Big Red

Tony BoydDBArbutus Big Red


Palm Bowl – NFE AAA National Championship

The Columbus Fire scored on the third play of the game with an 81 yard pass play. They scored again half way thru the second quarter going 51 yards in 7 plays.

The CT Panthers scored with 4:30 left in the half. The Fire responded on the next possession with a 8 play drive to score again. With 0:04 left the Panthers scored using 5 plays. Half Time Score: Columbus Fire – 20 CT Panthers – 14

The final score came on the first play of the fourth quarter. The Panthers went 55 yards in 7 plays. The PAT was good and they took the lead for the first time.

Final Score: Ct. Panthers – 21Columbus Fire – 20

Game MVP’s

David ReeseDECT Panthers

Jamie BryantWRCT Panthers

Akwon ShabazzWRCT Panthers

Antwaun GibbsQBColumbus Fire

Maurice DouseRBColumbus Fire


North American Bowl – USFA AAA National Championship

The Brooklyn Seminoles scored first by sacking the Catawba Hornets in the end zone for a safety. The Seminoles got the first TD by returning a punt to the 7 yard line and scoring on the next play. The Hornets scored on a 14 yd pass play after recovering a fumble by the Seminoles on a punt return. Half Time Score: Brooklyn Seminoles – 9 Catawba Hornets – 7

The Hornets took the lead with a 35 yard interception returned for a TD. The Seminoles controlled the balance of the second half. They scored on a 50 yard pass play and also a 20 yard pass play. They added another TD with a 7 play drive in the 4th quarter.

Final Score: Brooklyn Seminoles – 30Catawba Hornets – 13

Game MVPs

Lenny GonalezWRBrooklyn Seminoles

Gerald WilsonQBBrooklyn Seminoles

Evan FinelyDLBrooklyn Seminoles

Chris SpikesDBCatawba Hornets

Contrall WilliamsonWRCatawba Hornets


Florida Bowl – Spring vs Fall Championship

The first half featured the Orlando Phantoms controlling the ball with a number of multiple play drives. However, the Richmond Co. Golden Bears defense would not let them score. On the final play of the first half Orlando kicked a 27 yard field goal.

The Phantoms scored on a 55 yard punt return. The Hornets scored on a 65 year pass play. The final score came with 2:08 left in the game as Orlando swept the left end for a 10 yard TD.

Final Score: Orlando Phantoms – 17 Richmond Co. Golden Bears – 8

Game MVPs

Chris PerryDB/RBOrlando Phantoms

Josh RoseQBOrlando Phantoms

Antonio RichardsWROrlando Phantoms

Mike StrongDLRichmond Co. Golden Bears

Ross TillmanWR/DBRichmond Co. Golden Bears


Orange Blossom Bowl – USFA AA National Championship

The Capital City Stealth scored first with a 10 play drive with 9:00 left in the first quarter. The Pioneer Valley Knights recovered a fumble and put together an 8 play drive for a TD. With 0:32 left in the first half, the Stealth scored making the half time score, Capital City Stealth -13 Pioneer Valley Knights – 6.

The only score in the 3rd quarter was Capital City sacking the QB in the end zone for a safety. Pioneer Valley took advantage of a bad punt snap by Capital City. They scored 4 plays later brining the score to 15 to 12. The final score came with 9:12 left in the game on a 5 yard run by Capital City.

Final Score: Capital City Stealth – 22Pioneer Valley Knights – 13

Game MVPs

Demetrius AddisonRBCapital City Stealth

Leroy GreenRBCapital City Stealth

Darin TylerCCapital City Stealth

Marquis BraceLBPioneer Valley Knights

Derrick WhitleyDBPioneer Valley Knights





Orange Blossom Bowl – Spring vs Fall Championship

The first score in the Orange Blossom Bowl came with 7:45 left in the first quarter. Tri State Sharks QB Chris Stanford finished a 7 play drive with a 16 yard pass completion. The Sharks scored again with a 10 play 60 yard drive culminating with a 20 yard TD pass by Stanford. With just 38 seconds left in the first half, Capital City Stealth QB Klinton Koonter hit WR Leroy Green with a 65 yard TD pass play. Half time score, Tri State Sharks 14, Capital City Stealth 6

Early in the third quarter LB Bryce Hadley of the Stealth intercepted a pass and returned it 45 yards to the Sharks 1 yard line. RB Brandon Dunn followed with the TD. The 2 point PAT failed and the Sharks lead 14 to 12. Five minutes into the forth quarter Sharks RB Justin Issacs went 54 yards for a TD. On the next possession the Stealth responded with a 23 yard TD pass from Koonter to Green once again. The 2 point PAT attempt failed.

Final ScoreTri State Sharks 20 Capital City Stealth 18


Chris Stanford, QBTri State Sharks

Justin Issacs, RBTri State Sharks

Raymond Huff, LBTri State Sharks

Klinton Koonter, QBCapital City Stealth

David Culham, LBCapital City Stealth

Leroy Green, WRCapital City Stealth


USFA AA National Championship

​The Bay Area Pirates got on the scoreboard first at 2:49 left in the first quarter. QB Brian Koesling hit WR Gene Welch with a 6 yard TD pass. With 7:32 left in the second quarter, Hudson County Bounty Hunters CB Derel Williams intercepted a pass and returned it 45 yards for their first score. With just 24 seconds left in the first half, Hudson County RB Bryan Smith scored to cap a 7 play drive. Half time score – Hudson County 13, Bay Area 6,

In the third quarter Hudson County scored twice and Bay Area once to lead 27 to 12. In the fourth quarter Bay Area QB Koesling threw 2 TD passes. One to Welch again and one to WR Frankie Solomon. That gave Bay Area the lead 28 to 27. With 1:47 left in the game Bay Area intercepted a pass and went 18 yards for a TD.

Final Score Bay Area Pirates 34 Hudson County Bounty Hunters 27


Bryan Smith, RBHudson County Bounty Hunters

Derel Williams, CBHudson County Bounty Hunters

Frankie Solomon, WRBay Area Pirates

Mike Koesling,TEBay Area Pirates

Rashaun Fitts, WRBay Area Pirates

Brian Koesling, QBBay Area Pirates


Tangerine Bowl – NFE AA National Championship

​The first score in the USFA AAA National Championship Game came with 5:01 left in the first quarter. West Mass Warriors QB Shawn Brady completed a 32 yard pass to WR Kertis Hussey. Brady then completed a 75 yard pass play to WR Chris Macharie on their next possession.

At the start of the 4th quarter, NY Predator QB Kasey Nunez completed a 9 yard pass to WR Kareen Moon. The score now 14 to 7. Five minutes later the Warriors responded with a 48 yard TD pass from Brady to Hussey again. The PAT was NG.

Final Score West Mass Warriors 20 NY Predators 7


Timmie Kelson, RBNY Predators

Kasey Nunez, QBNY Predators

Shawn Brady, QBWest Mass Warriors

Kertis Hussey, WRWest Mass Warriors

Derrick Hatwood, LBWest Mass Warriors


North American Bowl – USFA AAA National Championship

The Brooklyn Seminoles first score came on the opening possession of the Orlando Phantoms. They intercepted a pass and followed with an 8 play drive for a TD with only 2:11 elapsed on the scoreboard. The Seminoles scored 2 more TD’s in the first half. Half time score – Brooklyn Seminoles 18, Orlando Phantoms 0

The Seminoles were able to control the 2nd half with 3 more TD’s.

Final ScoreBrooklyn Seminoles 38 Orlando Phantoms 0


Josh Rose, QBOrlando Phantoms

Aaron Brown, WROrlando Phantoms

Ty Brown, RBBrooklyn Seminoles

Jerrod Wilson, QBBrooklyn Seminoles

Alvin Wilson, WRBrooklyn Seminoles

Windale Bates, DLBrooklyn Seminoles

Florida Bowl – North – South Championship

The Florida Bowl began with the Orlando Rage and the Catawba (NC) Hornets each scoring on long pass plays. With only 10 second left in the first half, the Orlando Rage scored to lead at half time by a score of 14 to 6.

In the second half Catawba scored twice to take the lead at 18 to 14. Orlando then capitalized by scoring after 2 Catawba turnovers to take the lead at 28 to 18. Catawba responded by taking a fumble recovery 78 yards for a TD with 3:07 left in the game.

Final ScoreOrlando Rage 28 Catawba Hornets 24


Brandon Streator, QBCatawba Hornets

Demario Garvin, WR Catawba Hornets

Preston McGann, WROrlando Rage

Rahmel King, DBOrlando Rage

Kyle Israel, QBOrlando Rage

Chip Babley, COrlando Rage



Featuring the 2011 AAA & AA National Championships.

Florida Bowl
The 7th annual Florida Bowl featured a Spring League Champion versus a perennial Fall League

powerhouse team from the highly regarded New England Football League.

The only score came at the start of the 4th quarter with the Phantoms scoring on a pass play.

The PAT was good.

Final Score: Phantoms 7 Nor’Easter 0

Lowell Nor’easter
Raymond Darden TE
Tim Stanulonis DB
Cory Bougie P

Orlando Phantoms
Wes Sauvao OL/DL
LeRon Hall RB
Jarrel Kelley WR

Palm Bowl

The 6th annual Palm Bowl was the NFE AAA Championship. The Kentucky Wolverines were undefeated during regular season play in the Gridiron Development League and suffered their only loss in the playoffs to the Oklahoma Thunder. The Hudson Co. (NJ) Bounty Hunters won the USFA Harvest Bowl Championship and continued their winning ways with a strong, balanced attack in the Palm Bowl.

Final score: Bounty Hunters 42 Wolverines 0

Bounty Hunters
Ryan Holmes QB

Charles Ransom WR

Darnell Williams WR

Windale Bates DL

Kentucky Wolverines
Michael Skees DB

Marcus Commodore WR/K

North American Bowl

The 6th annual North American Bowl was the 23rd USFA National Championship. The game featured everything you would expect in such a prestigious game.

The New York Predators were last year’s National Champion and the Inglewood Blackhawks had an undefeated season and were certainly considered the “best in the West” the last three years.

There was hard hitting defense right from the opening series, along with stellar defensive play during the entire game. There were 8 touchdowns and 3 field goals. Half time had Inglewood with a 17 to 14 lead. The second half started with the Predators taking the lead and holding it until the Blackhawks scored a TD with 2:17 remaining in the game.

Final score: Blackhawks 34 Predators 31


New York Predators
Kasey Nunez QB
Shameek Champagne DB
Kareen Moon DB

Inglewood Blackhawks
Reggie Haynes QB
Solomon Jones WR/KR
Roy Otis LB

Tangerine Bowl

The inaugural Tangerine Bowl featured two Regional Tournament winners. The West Mass Warriors won the USFA Harvest Bowl 2 Tournament and the Detroit Diesel won the NFE Mid States East Tournament.

The Warriors scored on the opening possession with a 7-play drive for the first score. They lined up for a field goal and ran a surprise pass play for a touchdown. The PAT failed. In the second quarter the Warriors took advantage of a poor punt by the Diesel and scored 4 plays later. The scoring ended with 4:45 left in the game when the Warriors intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown.

Final score: Warriors 20 Detroit Diesels 0

Detroit Diesels
Jamar King DE
Emanuel OnwuemeneRB
Archez Marks OL

West Mass Warriors
Chris Borders QB
Ulysses Wannamaker DL
Vitaly Dzhenzherukha FS

Orange Blossom Bowl

The 5th annual Orange Blossom Bowl was the NFE AA National Championship and featured two Regional Tournament winners. The Michigan Vikings won the NFE Midwest Football Tournament and the Prince Wm (VA) Monarchs won the USFA Mid Atlantic Fall Classic. The Monarchs have a long history of successful seasons. The Vikings are a team on the rise in the Great Lakes Football League.

The scoring began with less than one minute played when the Monarchs scored on an 81-yard run for a TD. Less than 3 minutes later the Vikings responded with a 35 yard run for a TD. Over the next 15 minutes they each scored again, making it a 12 to 12 tie. However the Vikings defense finally stopped the Monarchs and the Viking put up 4 more touchdowns.

Final score: Vikings 42 Monarchs 12

Prince Wm Monarchs
Jeff Overton WR
Nick Ross QB
Everton Eastwood WR

Michigan Vikings
Keith Marks, Sr. RB/K
Danny Lentz QB
Sean Foster WR


2011 Game Recaps


The 5th Annual PALM BOWL featured two teams who are perennial powerhouses in their respective leagues. The Arbutus Bid Red had the first possession and was held by the Lowell Nor’easters to 3 plays and out. However, Lowell fumbled the punt, with Arbutus recovering at the Nor’easter 26-yard line. Three plays later, Ryan McGowan kicked a 38-yard field goal.

With 1:10 left in the first quarter, Arbutus DB Mario Epps, intercepted a pass and returned it to the Lowell 45-yard line. On the next play RB Michael Corbett, Jr. ran 45-yards for a touchdown. McGowan made the P.A.T. Score was Arbutus 10 and Lowell 0.

To start the second half with only 2:45 off the clock Corbett, Jr. fielded a punt and went 70 yards for a touchdown. The P.A.T. failed. In the fourth quarter, Lowell QB Raul Brown threw a 39 yard touchdown pass to WR Mark Roberts. Final score was Arbutus 16 and Lowell 6

Arbutus (MD) Big Red16Lowell (MA) Nor’easter 6


Michael Corbett, Jr. RB Arbutus Big Red
Chris Degree QB/WR Lowell Nor’easter
Ryan McGowan DT/K Arbutus Big Red
Mark Roberts WR Lowell Nor’easter
Nino Sylia LB Arbutus Big Red



The 6th Annual ORANGE BLOSSOM BOWL was an offensive show by both teams. The total of 78 points was the most ever scored during the National Bowl Weekend games.

In the first quarter, Treasure Coast Bobcats WR Harold Davis caught two touchdown passes. In the second quarter, the Bobcats scored 3 more times, one of them with Davis catching another Touchdown pass. During the second quarter the Virginia Spartans’ QB Darryl Overton also threw two touchdown passes. Half time score was Bobcats 34 and Spartans 12.

The second half had two touchdowns by Treasure Coast and three by Virginia. Overton threw two touchdown passes and rushed for one. Treasure Coast DB Roger Frazier intercepted a pass in the end zone and went 100 yards for a touchdown. Final score was Bobcats 48 and Spartans 30

Treasure Coast (FL) Bobcats48 Virginia Spartans 30


Harold Davis WR Treasure Coast Bobcats
Roger Frazier DB Treasure Coast Bobcats
Lasaun Davis QB reasure Coast Bobcats
Darryl Overton QB Virginia Spartans


The 5th Annual NORTH AMERICAN BOWL was also the 22nd Annual United States Football Association National Championship.

The first half featured two very physical teams with only one field goal scored. With 5:29 left in the second quarter, Geoff Wolyliec kicked a 45-yarder. Score was Predators 3 and Buccaneers 0.

The first score of the second half came with 9:07 left in the 3rd quarter. Daquan Williams scored on a 1-yard run. The Predators then had a six play 48-yard drive that was highlighted with a 40-yard pass completion from QB Kasey Nunez to WR Harrison Tindall.

With 2:53 left in the 3rd quarter, Wolyliec kicked a 46-yard field goal. With 15 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Constance Richardson recovered a fumble and went 30 yards for a touchdown and the final score of the game. Final score was NY Predators 20 NJ Buccaneers 0

NY Predators 20 NJ Buccaneers 0


Geoff Wolyliec. K NY Predators
Damian McCaig MLB NY Predators
Harrison Tindall WR NY Predators
Wendell Bates DL/OL NJ Buccaneers



The 6th Annual FLORIDA BOWL featured a high powered Orlando Rage offense who won the game 51 to 13. The Rage showed why they were the number 1 ranked team from the Winter/Spring NFE Power Rankings.

The Rage scored twice by running plays, twice by long passes, once on a punt return and also a field goal as time elapsed in the first half.

They started the second half with an 83 yard kick off return. Burlington also had an 87 yard kick off return in the first quarter. The Blue Devils never gave up and scored again in the 4th quarter. Final score was Orlando (FL) Rage 51 Burlington (WI) Blue Devils 13Orlando (FL)

Rage51Burlington (WI) Blue Devils 13


Dan Turcotte DL Orlando Rage
Jarrell Kelley KR Orlando Rage
Alvin Hudson LB Orlando Rage
John Porter DL Orlando Rage
Kevin Barrett WR Burlington Blue Devils



The DC Explosion won their 4th USA Bowl by featuring a balanced offensive attack. RB Darnell Dorsey had the first score with just 4 ½ minutes elapsed with an 8-yard run. With just 3 ½ minutes gone in the second quarter, QB Mitch Bullock complete a 92-yard touchdown pass play with RB Larry Graham. To finish the first half the North Stars tackled Larry Graham in the end zone for a safety. Half time score was DC Explosion 16 and Plattsburgh North Stars 2.

In the second half Graham ran 7 yards for a touchdown and Bullock had an 8-yard touchdown pass to WR Keith Nesbitt. DB, Edward Garnes, also had an 88-yard interception return for a touch down. The North Stars had the final score of the game with a 4 yard touchdown pass from QB Ken Stay to TE, Chris Fish. Final score was DC Explosion 40 Plattsburgh (NY) North Stars 8

DC Explosion 40 Plattsburgh (NY) North Stars 8


Larry Graham RB DC Explosion
Mitch Bullock QB DC Explosion
Samal Crawford OLDC Explosion
Dominique Williams DL DC Explosion
Tom Gallup OL Plattsburgh North Stars
Chris Fish TE/K Plattsburgh North Stars